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Meet the Faces Behind Morbid Mistress & Morbid Mister

Meet the faces behind Morbid Mistress and Morbid Mister!! Hey, I'm Sommer and this is my Husband Reese (he owns @morbid_mister ). We live in Goshen, Indiana. We're happily married newlyweds (we got married last year in April) , we don't have kids (because we don't want any) ...but we have 2 cats! 😻😻

Both of us work full time at an aerospace machine shop. Our goal is to be able to stay at home full time and make products. Well, that's mine..I'm sure he'd rather be out in the garage working on the truck. 

Both of us love being creative. We absolutely love what we do. I love coming up with new ideas and creating them. 

We hope that you guys love everything we have created so far. It doesn't stop there! We have so many cool ideas for 2020. We can't wait to share them with you! 

If any of you have any questions, please...feel free to reach out.

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