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Potions & Scents

For the witch in you.

Halloween 365 Eyeshadow Palette!

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Our Products

Air Fresheners

Spray away any bad odors in your car or room with Hypnotic Hearse - these amazing scents will have any room smelling delectable for hours!

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Bath & Shower Care

Discover the delight of our bath and shower care products, ranging from Relaxing Bath Tea Soaks to Men and Women's Body Scrubs and Body Washes available in your favorite scents!

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Beard & Hair Care

When it comes to your lovely locks, we got you covered. Whether it's a smooth full beard or healthy strands we have a variety of products to help you achieve the perfect hair!

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Body Creams & Lotions

New Fall Scents - Blueberry Cobbler Autumn Rain, Coffee, Apple Butter & Caramel, Pumpkin & Apple Scone , Pumpkin & Bourbon, Fall Fantasy Pumpkin, Apple Cinnamon Sugar, Fall Leaves, Bonfire, Candy Corn, Pumpkin Cupcake, Apple Cider. A little goes a long way. Your skin will feel silky smooth!

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Bug Repellents

There's nothing worse than annoying little bugs taking over your campsite, which is why Morbid Mistress proudly presents a handmade, cruelty free resolution - Bug Slayer! - available in two delightful scents!

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Face Care

Your go to for healthy brighter skin! We offer a variety of face masks and lotions to help clean and replenish your skin in amazing and refreshing scents!

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Foot Care

Sometimes we forget how much work our feet do for us! Morbid Mistress now offers a way to treat your feet to real spa treatment with our foot scrub and foot cream - your feet will thank you!

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Gift Bundles

We offer a variety of products available in bundled packages. Currently offering a Halloween Bundle which includes Halloween 365 Blanket, Handmade Fall Candle, Exclusive Halloween 365 Eye Shadow Palette & Body Cream of your choice!

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Hand Care

Our newest product in hand care - these 13 amazing fall soaps are now available- Death By Zombies, Nocturnal, Booberry Delight, Familiar, Witches Brew, Pumpkin Guts, Witching Hour, Horror House, Green Monster, Scream Queen, Ouija, Halloween, & Rise & Grind! In the mean time - pick up some hand sanitizers available now!

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Handmade Candles

Cruelty Free & Vegan these candles are sure to make your home smell delightful! New scents include: Coffee, Apple & Pumpkin Scone, Cinnamon Roll, Pumpkin Spice, Bonfire, Apple Cider, Campfire Pumpkin, & Pumpkin Cupcake.

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Imperfect Products

Not everything can be as perfect as we imagine. However, that doesn't mean we throw them away! All products listed here are products that did not quite meet our standards due to consistency or texture and available at a discounted price!

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Lip Care

Looking for silky smooth lips? Look no further than our lip smoothies & scrubs! Available in a variety of flavors these babies are three times the size of normal lip balms!

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Men's Cologne

We are proud to present our new Morbid Mister Colognes! Available in Abyss, Unrest & Odin, you will love these irresistible scents - also available in shave soaps, beard oils, beard butters, and body wash!

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Morbid Accessories

A great way to show your love for the Morbid! Offering many items to enhance your style - Ball Caps, Gym Bags, Phone Grips, Blankets, Sandals, Beach Towels and more!

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Morbid Merch

Chose from a variety of Morbid Mistress & Morbid Mister Apparel - from T-Shirts to Undies - Look for pre-orders for exclusive Merch available for a limited time.

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Pain Relief

Some of our popular products can be found here! From a fresh mint oil headache relief to cramp relief and back aches, you are sure to find what you need to soothe your pains away.

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Perfumes & Pheromone Oils

Available in many of the scents you love, these awesome little rollers fit in your pocket and are perfect for a quick scent boost!

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Shave Soaps

You'll never buy shaving cream again! These hand whipped soaps are gentle and leave your skin feeling smooth and absolutely glowing! Now available in Men's scents!

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Skin Care

Sometimes your skin needs more than just to be moisturized! That's why we offer a variety of products to help protect your skin from harsh elements such as soothing sun burn care and sun protectants.

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Wax Melts

Safe to use in any wax burner, these alluring scents are only available for a limited time - don't miss out while they are still here!

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Women's Perfume

Our perfumes are our crowning joy! Our first product produced by Morbid Mistress - we are proud of each and every scent - hand made and available in original blissful fragrances that last all day!

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I have bought two different kinds of perfumes and I could not be happier by the smell. I absolutely love them. I have also sampled a lot of her other products and I absolutely loved them too. There is nothing that I have not bought or sampled that I have not liked.


Every product I've used has been amazing and left my skin feeling great and smelling delicious. They are well made, service has been fast every time I've ordered, and I could not be happier with everything I've bought. Customer for life right here!

Sarah M.

Love every product I’ve bought and can’t wait to get more! The scents are incredible and long lasting! And I get compliments on my T-shirt every time I wear it! You really can’t go wrong with any of the products here!

Sam V.